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Hey, I'm Stefan

Like you, I'm a human on the path of Self discovery through experience.

I'm focused almost entirely on the discovery/development of my dharma and creating independent wealth through the unique service of others. I seek time and financial freedom to tackle creative business projects ad nauseam.

I'm driven by my curiosity of how to hack life to get the best of it. Zen, speed, education, empathy, observance, enjoyment, achievement, spirituality, impact; I view each of those, and more, as the portals they are into different experiences of Self.

& I've found nothing to be realer about life than the prevalence of paradox. As much as I may try, I won't ever really know what's 'best'. And I'm okay with that.

I've been carving a path in between business and education, having gained experience in sales, marketing, technology, wellness, and psychology. I consider myself highly skilled in the areas of communication, empathy, and persuasion. and I love people.

I get fired up to help people improve their lives or think differently/deeply. This is most likely a projection of what I value in myself, but it does make me great at teaching and mentorship.

Unsolicited Opinions

God exists.

The greatest investment in human progress lies with therapy and education.

Smart people who don't experiment with psychedelic drugs grossly limit their impact in the world.

If you're curious about ayahuasca, do not hesitate to experience it given the opportunity.

Black lives matter. However, demonizing all police, Republicans, and pacifists is not the road to change. Neither is a social media post amongst peers.

Almost all video games are a waste of time and potential.

America is at a severe disadvantage against societies that prioritize hard sciences in education.

Color changing light bulbs are the easiest way to improve the mood of any room.

Book reading/listening is a key habit for success.

Fasting is a necessary discipline.

People that desire to have few kids or none are most likely the people that should be having more.

Because the capitalist machine disproportionately rewards machine behavior in humans, like hours worked, output, and profit maximization, it is a dangerous entity to turn into a God.

Almost everyone should strive to know more than one language.

Social media platforms NEED to have a protocol for account abandonment so that a username is freed after some long period of inactivity and missed reminders to keep it. They can be assigned a random username.

Philosophy should be a mandatory subject in high school.

The drinking age in America should be 20. Not 21, not 19, 20.

Colleges should require a down payment and refuse admittance to people coming straight out of high school.

Days would be more simply understood if comprised of 12 hours, not 24. An hour is painfully fast.

Weeks should be 9 days long. three work days, one off, three work days, two days off.

Asking me to pay $60 for a coffee mug is asking me to subsidize a lifestyle that the free market won't afford.


I live in south Florida. I am a Gemini. Family is important to me.

I'm always happy to change my mind about things, including the things written here.

I'm an American, but seek to be a world citizen.

Bi-lingual (Spanish); conversational (limited) in Italian.

Really looking forward to being a dog dad. One day..

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