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A Personal Evolution Coach in 30 Seconds

A PE Coach uses an understanding of metaphysics, unity consciousness, and spirituality to guide people to greater self awareness in order to achieve self mastery.

By working with a PE Coach, you learn to be sovereign in your spiritual nature, live your life with greater purpose, and cultivate discernment to make choices that maximize your sense of fulfillment, peace, enjoyment, love, and harmony.

Why work with a PE Coach?

  1. You want to transform your life to live with greater feelings of fulfillment, connection, expansion, adventure, growth, and appreciation.
  2. You want to stop experiencing repeated life themes like anxiety, insecurities, relationship problems, unfulfilling work, anger, and other disturbances to your inner peace.
  3. You’ve been spiritually aware for some time and want to make greater progress with your understanding and practical integration of spiritual philosophy.
  4. You want greater fulfillment in your work, align with your purpose/dharma, and be of greater service to the world.
  5. You want to become an even greater conscious creator and improve your ability to manifest desired life experiences, while averting undesired experiences.

What A Personal Evolution Coach Does

A PE Coach guides you to greater awareness about yourself (and Self).

Greater Self awareness allows you to become a conscious actor in the movie of your life and to create your desired future instead of repeating the past.

From greater awareness, your best aligned choices reveal themselves for all aspects of life—both spiritual and material.

A PE Coach facilitates your attunement to the hidden symbolism that is present in your reality and how it relates to your soul’s journey.

Synchronicities, signs, and quantum communication are always present in your life but we have never been taught how to become aware enough to recognize them, let alone process them correctly.

The attunement process makes the hidden symbolism become apparent and from there you can choose to flow with the current of ease, and avoid the struggle of resisting that ever-present flow.

A PE Coach helps you achieve material accomplishments from a spiritually aligned center.

Material accomplishments can be a great thing if one is aligned with their soul’s purpose and centered on their journey. and it is a destructive thing if one is out of alignment (just look at the world).

A PE Coach will guide you to owning your unique professional gifts, delimit thinking keeping you from sharing those gifts, and hold you accountable in your process.

A PE Coach helps you make sense of your emotions, what they’re really telling you, and help you realize why they’re showing up.

Emotions hold the key to understanding your subconscious beliefs and as feedback of your ability to create the life you want to live.

Having a deeper spiritual understanding of our emotions opens the door for release of emotional conditioning, dissipation of emotional charge, identification of recurring themes, and transcendence of old thought patterns into mature feeling states and command of emotional regulation.

A PE Coach helps you integrate the seemingly paradoxical concepts of Truth.

During anyone’s awakening process, properly integrating the information that contradicts your previous understanding of the way the world is, allows you to move forward harmoniously and avoid the confusion of being caught between two worlds of understanding.

What may seem like paradox is actually an invitation to expand our awareness to understand the comprehensive nature of reality and ourselves.

A PE Coach empowers you to become your own guide into alignment with your best interests for the rest of your life.

By working with a PE Coach, you learn how to access greater levels of intuition, understanding, and present moment awareness to become a master of understanding yourself, your life, and what is being asked of you by your inner guidance.

You become equipped with tools that allow you to correct misalignments, diffuse traditionally charged and emotional interactions, and assume a higher perspective to reveal more choices that lead to harmony.

You become a master of trusting the unfolding process in your life and feel confident that you are able to flow with whatever situations in life present themselves to you.

How is this different...

from therapy?

Therapists focus on helping you analyze your past-based issues, traumas, and your current thoughts.

Generally, a therapist will reinforce the story of what happened to us, define conditions of our minds with labels, and reinforce your existence as a purely physiological being with a physical mind that has experienced trauma, without helping you wake up to the core essence of your being which transcends physiology and past events.

It can be very helpful, especially if someone is completely repressing their emotions, to talk things out with a licensed professional trained to analyze your speech to identify psychological patterns and probe your psyche for recall of traumatic events. Therapists serve a tremendous purpose in society.

However, A PE Coach goes beyond psychology into psycho-spiritual understanding, so that you may unidentify with the stories of you based on a purely material philosophical point of view. The point is to help you transcend your past, integrate your shadows fully, and live comprehensively in the truth of your existence, which moves you beyond any story and avoids their repetition.

The biggest difference is that a PE Coach can usually bring about faster emotional results and return someone to sovereignty in their spiritual nature so that they can live empowered to address all emotional situations in their lives from the seat of their higher consciousness and bring resolution to repeating life themes.

from a life coach?

A life coach focuses on helping you achieve your future goals and improve any area of your life you feel is lacking by clarifying your thinking, helping you develop strategies, and hold you accountable to implement changes.

A life coach generally does not address underlying emotional issues, is not focused on personal discernment or cultivating intuition, and may reinforce your misalignments from your truth by not helping you identify the role the ego is playing in your life.

On the other hand, a PE Coach does provides the guidance for emotional intelligence mastery + emotional release, helps you discern what you really want by helping you identify when your desires are based from fear, comfort, & validation vs love, growth, & liberation, and expands your awareness to understand spiritual truth to allow increased feelings of appreciation, fulfillment, connection, love, and enjoyment to flow in abundance.

Simply stated, a PE Coach goes beyond a life coach to guide you to embody the comprehensive nature of your being so that you live in harmony with the flow of your inner divine guidance and positively maximize your experience as the powerful creator of your life that you really are beyond what these words could ever convey.

Who This Is For

  1. You want to become a master of your self in all areas.
  2. You know you’re here to embody your greatest potential for evolution, understanding, service, awareness, and alignment with the flow of the universe.
  3. You crave inner peace from worries and more fulfillment out of your life
  4. You want to be a better leader at work and in your community
  5. You want your personal relationships to thrive at greater levels
  6. You want to feel more connected to people you meet and those closest to you
  7. You want to connect to inner passions for creativity that you feel may be repressed

Who This Is NOT For

  1. People unwilling to entertain spiritual philosophy as the underlying theme for all of life
  2. People unwilling to give up being a victim to circumstances or people
  3. People that aren’t open to hearing things that contradict their ego’s desires
  4. People who know everything already
  5. People who are unwilling to practice forgiveness
  6. People who are unwilling to let go of outdated identities, patterns, and beliefs

My Transparency

It’s been difficult to write any of these words. If not for the existence of my own PE Coaches, I’d have never believed someone could help me make sense of life, spirituality, and my Self.

I recognize the level of discernment necessary in order to be effective in this field and proudly commit to accessing those greater capacities of myself to be of service to others at the highest possible level.

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